Happy Birthday Adore Delano ♥ (Sep 29, 1989)

Ashish has the perfect clothes for when you want to support Kimye AND be 1D af

i’ve never seen anything more ME
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One day you hear a hard knock on your front door, you chime in response “Who is it?” An Angry Woman’s voice returns your call, “You Know DAMN well who it is” Suddenly you hear a loud banging from downstairs you peek down at your front door. A Sweaty Michelle Obama Kicks in the front door and points at your face, “Are you ready to get fucking WASTED” she screams

okay so uh I wasn’t really sure I wanted to make this post because it’s kind of personal and special but I figured the internet deserves to know what a genuinely good fucking person BenDeLaCreme is, plus I’ll have it recorded for ~memoriez~
basically I deal with pretty bad depression/anxiety/whatever, and Ben has struggled with a lot of the same issues and channeled them into this amazingly positive and enthusiastic character who never fails to put a smile on my face, which is kind of a big deal.
so I saw Terminally Delightful on Thursday and I got to meet DeLa afterwards, and she is absolutely everything you would expect her to be and more. She told me she liked my necklace and she was mesmerized by it during the show, and we took a picture, and I had all sorts of things I wanted to say to her but I got all choked up and basically just thanked her for being the way that she is and being such a source of positivity for me. And she was so loving and genuine and KIND and told me I was amazing, and she gave me a hug - not a little meet-and-greet hug, an actual real hug that lasts a long time, and she smells like cotton candy because of COURSE she does, why wouldn’t BenDeLaCreme smell like cotton candy? And she was thanking me and I was thanking her and I had tears in my eyes and I’m pretty sure she had tears in her eyes and it was so much more than I could have ever expected and afterwards I went into the ladies’ room and cried.
so I guess the moral of this incoherent story is that I am a huge sap and BenDeLaCreme is possibly the most genuinely kind human being the world has ever seen.


Adore. Idolize Anna Nicole Smith all you want, but please don’t start copying homegirl’s motor skills. 

Drag Race themed questions!!

  • 1: What is your favorite season?
  • 2: What is your least favorite Season?
  • 3: Who is your favorite Queen?
  • 4: Who is your least favorite Queen?
  • 5: What would your drag name be?
  • 6: What song would you want to lip sync for your life to?
  • 7: Michelle or Santino?
  • 8: Santino or Billy B?
  • 9: Who would be your Snatch Game character?
  • 10: What kind of Queen would you be? (Pageant/Comedy/Club Kid/etc)
  • 11: Who is the most underrated Queen
  • 12: Who is the most overrated Queen?
  • 13: What is your favorite Rupaul song? (Now available on iTunes!)
  • 14: Favorite guest judge?
  • 15: Who would you like to see as a guest judge?
  • 16: Favorite main challenge?
  • 17: Favorite mini challenge?
  • 18: Favorite Drag Race moment?
  • 19: Favorite lip sync?
  • 20: What queen do you want to see on All Stars 2?
  • 21: Favorite rivalry?
  • 22: Favorite friendship?
  • 23: Favorite Runway Look?
  • 24: Team Heathers, Boogers, or Rolaskatoxxx?
  • 25: Favorite quote in Drag Race history?
  • 26: "Can I Get an Amen" or "Oh No She Betta Don't"?
  • 27: Favorite Part of Shade: The Rusical?
  • 28: Favorite "Untucked" moment?
  • 29: Favorite Music Video?
  • 30: Favorite Snatch Gamer character